Travel Gift Ideas for Women

Amazing Travel Gift Ideas for Women that Love Adventures

It’s that time of year again! The “what do you want for Christmas?” questions have started. So I started putting together these amazing travel gift ideas for women like me who love adventures. The gift list includes travel basket gifts, essentials for exploring, and holiday stocking stuffers!

So if you’re at a loss for what to get the traveler in your life- look no further! When you’re gift shopping it’s not always easy to pick out something for the person you’re shopping for no matter how well you know them. This is what inspired me to put together this list to help you if you’re at a loss for what to get the traveler in your life. So look no further because I’m here to help!

Wanderlust Travel Gifts for her

Luggage Gifts

Best Carry-On For Women

Meet the perfect carry-on! Seriously. The Away carry-on suitcase is unbreakable, designed for travel, and guaranteed for life! I’ve had several bags over the years, wasteful! I adore everything about my Away carry-on, from its amazing storage compartments to the ejectable TSA-approved (safe to fly) battery; this Away carry-on is a travel gift for women and literally anyone else.

AWAY travel bags and luggage gifts for women that travel

Away Everything Bag

The best addition for any carry-on? The Away everywhere bag with a laptop pouch. Its thoughtful design impressed me with features that keep what you need at hand. The bag attaches efficiently to the Away suitcase, making airport travels effortless. I ordered mine originally to use as a “travel laptop under my seat bag”. I used it on one trip and it instantly became my everywhere bag.

Packing Cubes

Perhaps the most genius travel invention ever. The perfect travel gift that will change the way you travel forever. The cubes keep your clothes separated, keep your bag organized, and make packing things up fast and efficient.


Hanging Toiletries Bag

This hanging toiletries bag is a must if you’re washing in community showers. I bought mine for when we go camping, but I love it so much I bring it on all my trips.

NOMATIC Bags and Backpacks

This is the McKinnon Cube Pack 21L. It’s quite possibly the most functional camera cube ever. The camera cube expands to become a go-bag that is lightweight and great for day hikes!

Purchase a NOMATIC Gift Card

Luggage Scale

I’ve found myself on many floors in the check bag area several times, tearing apart my suitcases trying to make them light enough to pass. I can’t believe I didn’t get a luggage scale sooner – it’s a great gift basket idea!

Personalized Vaccination Passport Holder

Now that vaccination cards are required for entry to more countries, protecting your passport and information is crucial.

These passport holders are absolutely adorable! You can choose from one of their cute designs, add your name, or use one of your photos to customize.

National Park Stamp Passport Journal

Visitors can collect a passport stamp in each U.S national park. I love collecting stamps when we visit the parks. If we’ve been to a park before, I add another stamp for that date too. There are also stickers you can buy to add to your book. This journal has prompted sections to help you remember all the little details from each adventure you’ve taken. Including hiking logs, locations, bucket list items, who you went with, first impressions, wildlife and more! Other books available are listed below.

  • Birds
  • Campground
  • Hikes
  • Climb

Cute Travel Purses and Bags

Adventure Awaits Bag

This bag is perfect for beach visits, shopping, airport snacks, and random stuff that is always there but never has a place to go.

Travel Camera Gifts for Women

Fujifilm x-t30 best camera gifts for women


  • 32GB Ultra UHS-I SD Card
  • Xpix 24x Storage
  • Water Resistant SD Case
  • Camera Case
  • Xpix Handgrip Strap
  • Lens Filter Set
  • Cleaning Kit for Camera
  • Lens, Flash and Photo Equipment
Nikon Coolpix best camera gifts for women


  • Deco Gear Camera
  • Accessories Travel Bag
  • Photography Case
  • Compact Tripod
  • Paint Shop Pro 2019
  • Software SanDisk Ultra
  • SDHC 16GB UHS Card
  • 80MB/s Read Speed Lens
  • Cap Keeper LCD Screen
  • Memory Card
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Kodak Pixpro best camera gifts for women


  • SanDisk 32GB Ultra SDHC
  • 80MB/S Class 10 Flash
  • Memory Card
  • Black Point & Shoot Case
  • Hand-held Monopod with GoPro mount
  • Memory Card Hard Case
  • Hi-Speed SD USB Card
  • Reader+ LCD Screen
  • Lens Pen Cleaning System
  • Tabletop Tripod

DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone

One of the travel gifts for women is the ultraportable Mavic Air drone. So she can open more doors to explore a new world. Exploring the world from a limitless aerial view perspective has never been easier. The drone is installed with a 3-axis gimbal & 4k camera with up to 21 minute flight time.

GoPro Hero

Never miss an action shot again. This small compact adventure camera is great for any traveler and takes up minimal packing space. Active travelers can use it for mountain biking, skiing, parasailing, hiking plus water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, or white water rafting.

Waterproof DSLR Camera Cover

Part of traveling is experiencing the unexpected- prepare any traveler for any surprise experiences with this waterproof camera case. This will help protect expensive camera gear to avoid any water, sand, and damaging properties.


Give the gift of knowledge. CreativeLive offers over 2,000 different classes on photography, and lessons in Lightroom & Photoshop. But that’s not all. Videography, Posing, Lighting, Creative Inspiration, and Business Basics are just a few.

Coupon- 50% off Annual Pass Subscription

Get 15 Courses for $15 each from CreativeLive!

Electronic Travel Gift Ideas

Portable phone charger

There is nothing worse than a dead electronic when you need it the most. A phone, a camera, navigation, music- whatever it may be, keep it going no matter where you’re at with this lightweight portable phone charger. This is a great travel gift for women to keep them safe with a working phone. This backup battery is an essential gift!

Solar Powered Charger

There is nothing worse than a dead electronic when you need it the most. A phone, a camera, navigation, music- whatever it may be, keep it going no matter where you’re at with a solar-powered charging unit!


This tech organizer gives you a level of organization above and beyond anything else on the market. All those small yet important things like charging cords, SIM cards, SD cards, eye drops,

It has a 3 large zipper pockets, pen holders, mesh pockets for hard drives or other small items, and 3 elastic holders for chords and other small items. It’s built to last with durable, water-resistant materials and you’ll never lose control with the easy grip handle.

Ring Light 18″

Adjust the color and brightness to light up your skin, and gain confidence to face the camera (it can be scary!) The wireless remote lets you change brightness and colors with 5 different light modes.

With everything moving towards remote, the ring light is perfect for zoom meetings, TikTok, fashion shots, wedding art, advertisement photography, makeup, videos, studio shoot, portrait photography, live streaming, and bloggers!

Selfie Stick Tripod

51″ Professional Selfie Stick & Tripod, Phone Holder, Removable Bluetooth Remote, Portable All in One, Heavy Duty Aluminum, Compatible with iPhone & Android Devices, Non-Skid Feet

Home Decor Travel Gift Ideas for Women

Travel Theme Bedspread

This beautiful world map duvet cover set is a great travel gift idea! The antique map shows North America in the 1600s Medieval Time Era. This set is very versatile and goes with just about every home decoration style. The decorative 3 piece bedding set comes with 2 pillow shams and the bedspread.

Cute Travel Decorative Pillows

Any girl that likes to travel is a sucker for the cute wanderlust-y, map-y home decor. Plus there is no such thing as “too many pillows.”

World Travel Scratch off Map

These are so fun! My friend gifted this to me a few years ago and it’s so pretty hanging in our living room. It’s also a great conversation starter for when guests come over. The pin map is detailed enough that you can even pin your city travels!

3D Wooden World Map wall decorative

Any girl that likes to travel is a sucker for the cute wanderlust-y, map-y home decor. Plus there is no such thing as “too many pillows.”

Cork Board World Travel Map with Pins

Keep track of all your adventures on this world travel pin map. Pin postcards, ticket stubs, leftover foreign money, or any other trinkets you collected from around the world.

G Adventures National Geographic Tours

National Geographic Journey With G Adventures

The National Geographic tours with G Adventures are the ultimate adventure tours. Designed uniquely to dive into the local cultures and nature of the destination. You’ll explore, interact with locals, and still have the freedom to wander solo.


Adventure Vacations

Everyone needs a vacation! Treat your special someone to a fantastic adventure anywhere around the world. Groupon has incredible deals that make great gifts for women, and they come in voucher form so she can use them whenever she wants!

National Geographic Tours by G Adventures
PHOTO BY G Adventures

Tripadvisor Vacation Packages

Vacation packages are wonderful travel gifts for women, especially from their significant others. Every year on either his birthday or during the holidays I give Logan a card with tickets to somewhere. Sometimes it’s a receipt for flights, sometimes it’s tickets to an event. It’s a fun surprise and I love to see the look on his face when he opens the card.

Cute Shoes and Clothing

Adventure Shoe Gifts

Gift the lucky lady with some shoes for traveling. Sorel offers a variety of different types for every season. She will love the comfort and multi-uses while going from one extreme climate to the next (tropical to snow) with a shoe that’s naturally soft, cozy all over, and fits your every move.

Adventure Travel Gift Basket Ideas

Adventure Reads

Everyone needs a vacation! Treat your special someone to a fantastic adventure anywhere around the world. Groupon has incredible travel deals that make great gifts for women, and they come in voucher form so she can use them whenever she wants!

Adult Travel Coloring Books

Does anyone truly grow out of coloring?

Drawing Travel Art Set

Everything you need to color, draw, sketch or scribble in one travel-size case perfect for air entertainment.

Toiletries Organization

Put together a travel gift basket filled with fun but useful things she’ll love.

Amazing Travel Gift Ideas for Women that Love Adventures
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Zero Waste Bathroom Travel Toiletries

Picnic Baskets

Picnic travel baskets are perfect to take with you on hikes. You can pack your lunch, snacks, and some bubbly to have a picnic off the trail.

Amazing Travel Gift Ideas for Women that Love Adventures

Coffee Tote for 2 Including Stainless Vacuum Flask, Cups, Creamer and Teaspoons

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Drop a comment below and tell me what’s on YOUR wish list!

Travel Gift Ideas for Women
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  1. Oooo I totally want that scratch-off map wall hanging. I’ve never seen one that looks that nice before! great list of gifts; I’d be thrilled with literally anything on this list.

  2. These are great ideas. I’m always debating getting a real camera for photos, so I will have to look into your suggestions.

  3. What a great list! I would love that cork board travel map; I have a couple of the scratch off ones but whatever brand I have didn’t work very well :(. I’m glad yours is so much better! Xx Sara

  4. These are all great ideas! <3 Packing cubes + portable chargers make life way more convenient! Those Save Lands clothes look super comfy and I love that they plant trees with every purchase!

  5. LOVE this list.. I want it all! But I esp love the look of some of the t shirts you feature and definitely the NATIONAL PARK STAMP PASSPORT JOURNAL!! I did not know one existed..thanks for the inspiration!

  6. As a female traveler myself, I would love so many of these! The camera accessories would be especially helpful as I frequently forget to buy myself all of the nits and bits that go with the camera. Thanks for sharing!

  7. The clothes from Save Lands look so comfy! I see quite a few things I love on this list – thanks for the ideas!

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