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Must See Historic Cranbrook Botanical Gardens
Cranbrook Botanical Gardens are located in Birmingham, Michigan as a registered Historic National Landmark filled with amazing history.
The Perfect Weekend Camping in Michigan’s UP Eastern Region
The U.S. state of Michigan is made up of two major peninsulas. The Upper Peninsula (UP), is the northern of the two. In my opinion, the best weekend to go camping in Michigan's UP eastern region is during the fall. There are endless adventures when the trees are bursting with bright colors. Camping in Michigan's …
The Ultimate Eco Friendly Earthlove Subscription Box
The ultimate eco friendly subscription box by Earthlove is making a difference with seasonal boxes filled with 6-8 sustainable products.
10 Achievable Bipolar Wins Worth Celebrating
Learn how the small wins along your bipolar journey are worth acknowledging and celebrating. Learn how to live, and not just exist.
How to Balance Light & Darkness with Struggling Depression
Life is a continuous balancing act between the light and dark that lives within us. The contrasts vary depending on the amount of light surrounding the individual. The amount of light can alter life between pure bliss and despair. For most people, maintaining the balance causes little disturbances in life, as easy as breathing.