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How Travel is Good for Your Mental Health
How travel is good for your mental health | Waterfalls Make You Happy | Vacations Reduce Stress | Traveling Makes You Resilient
5 Instagrammable Places in Las Vegas for Photoshoots
When you think of Las Vegas what do you see? I think of gambling, money, bright lights, strippers, shows, and fancy hotels. But those aren't the only things to do in Las Vegas. These 5 places in Las Vegas are perfect for an Instagram photoshoot of selfies to mix up the typical Vegas visit.
The Ultimate 7-Day Southwest National Park Road Trip
The Best 7-Day Southwest National Park Road Trip My life is an adventure and I love it! In 2016 my friend Grace and I went on the ultimate 7-day southwest national park road trip to Utah and Arizona. We visited Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and a couple of other beautiful spots the …
Big Sky Montana Winter Adventure Guide
Hike to frozen waterfalls, snowshoe up a mountain, or take a sleigh ride. Big Sky Montana has something for everyone in this winter adventure guide!
Things to do on New Years Eve in Seattle 2023
Captivating New Years Eve festivities in Seattle to celebrate the new year. Watch the Seattle fireworks from the water, from the tower, inside the Chihuly Garden or one of the luxury hotels.
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