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My collection of adventures from around the globe will take you camping in the great outdoors, hiking mountains, & chasing waterfalls.

Joshua Tree National Park in California is an exciting National Park and a must visit travel destination in the United States #nationalparks #joshuatree #california #usdestinations

National Parks

North America has 104 National Parks in protected areas. The United States & Canada are filled with mountain ranges, glacier lakes, animals and more.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Weekend Getaways

Looking to plan the perfect weekend getaway? From city guides to outdoor adventures, I’ll provide you the tools that you need for your trip!

Travel Essentials

All my favorite travel essentials, products, and gear! Here you’ll find all the camping gear I use on my adventures, travel photography electronics & cameras, and all my favorite sustainable products.

Sustainable Travel

Learn how climate change is affecting wildlife, the great outdoors and travel destinations across the world. Learn how to be a more responsible traveler and what you can do to make a difference.

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