Detroit Art Display

Detroit Art Display
Featuring: Prismatica
Location: Beacon Park


Detroit’s Beacon Park is hosting an interactive art installation, Prismatica! The event is FREE and open to the public through this weekend, ending tomorrow 11/19! Grab your camera and go!


The display is made up of rotating prisms and dazzling light spectacles. Logan and I spent our Saturday night walking through the park,  gazing through every color of the spectrum.


It was a beautiful night, and the perfect activity for after dinner. We parked for free at the MGM Grand casino parking deck; which is just a 0.4 mile walk to the park. Hope my fellow Michiganders can make it out before the event is over, its free- and kid friendly!



If it gets too chilly, warm up inside the shelter area (pictured above) by showing off your dance moves!

Wish Upon A Star



Did you miss the Detroit Art display? No worries! Keep reading to discover what else Detroit has to offer in my Perfect Weekend in Detroit post!


2017 Year Review

✨2017 Was an Incredible Year for me ✨

I traveled on 3 international trips with AMAZING people (Thailand, Alberta Canada, and Peru), I camped in 5 new national parks, and I put thousandssss of Michigan road trip miles on the car. 🚙

Macchu Picchu, Peru, November 2017
Rocky Mountain National Park, Septemer 2017- Couple Trip


California Mother Daughter Trip, November 2017


Brimley State Park, October 2017- Couple Trip


Yosemite National Park, California, September 2017



Port Crescent State Park, Michigan, Summer 2017


Wilderness State Park, Michigan, Summer 2017


Emerald Lake- Yoho National Park, July 2017


Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada, July 2017


Banff National Park, Alberta Canada, July 2017


Thailand Group Pic


Thailand, February 2017



I’ve worn glasses or contacts since I was in middle school. Every year my eye sight would get worse and worse- I made the decision I would get lasik surgery and ditch the contacts & glasses- and it’s one of the best investments I’ve made. This year my body was challenged in so many ways. From eye surgery to zero gravity flying to hiking into the highest altitude I’ve ever experienced- 2017 had it all. ⛰


Rainbow Mountain Peru, Altitude around 16,000 ft
Zero Gravity Flying


In 2017 I knocked some big stuff off the bucket list including white water rafting, rock climbing, and starting a travel blog. 💻

I have so many wonderful amazing things to be thankful for this year. But these two amazing beings here are what I am most grateful for. They came into my life a year ago and I am so excited I get to start 2018 with them– Happy New Year everyone!