The Museum of Ice Cream NYC 2023

New York City has tons of iconic landmarks and museums, but have you ever heard of The Museum of Ice Cream in NYC?! Yes, an entire museum dedicated to the wonderful, creamy, and delicious summer treat. Or if I’m being honest, year-round treat. So when I found out there was a whole museum dedicated to my love of ice cream. It obviously had to go on our list of spots to visit.

The Museum of Ice Cream NYC

When we first arrived before our ticketed time I was surprised to see a line already forming outside the museum. I wasn’t sure how Logan was going to like the museum given that all I could see so far was PINK. He enjoyed The Color Factory more than we anticipated so I was hoping The Museum of Ice Cream would be the same. He’s always such a supportive partner he would do whatever I want to do, so I try not to make it too hateful lol

Boozy drink

Pink Adult Beverages

As we entered the museum we started heading towards the back doors when one of the bartenders called over to Logan by shouting, “YOU!” and pointed at him. As we approached the counter he was handed this delicious pink tequila adult beverage… on the house. Perfect. I thought to myself. Now he’ll be all boozed up as we enter the big pink room to decide our “ice cream names”. Sadly I don’t remember the names we chose, but they had a whole wall of suggestions like you would see at a real ice cream shop.

The Ice Cream Museum – Ice Cream

After we chose our ice cream names we made our way into the ice cream room! You could choose between pink vanilla or pink pomegranate. We ordered one of each. There was also another bar where you could buy an assortment of pink adult beverages. You can take both with you as you walk through the museum. As we continued, there were UNLIMITED ice cream treats to eat in 5 different shapes and forms.

Ice cream at Museum of Ice Cream

The emperors of the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD) are believed to have been the first to eat “a frozen milk-like confection.” This version was made with cow, goat, or buffalo milk that was heated with flour. Camphor, an aromatic substance harvested from evergreen trees, was added to enhance the texture and flavor.

Ice cream museum

The Treat Room

Continuing on we came across a room with a beautiful display of fake treats. I was so bummed they weren’t real… look at how yummy those would be! However, we didn’t leave empty-handed – in the cooler were popsicles in various flavors of… PINK. Of course. Similar to what happened at The Color Factory – I was too excited to eat my pink lemonade popsicle so Logan gladly ate mine too.

Subway car at Museum of Ice Cream

The Pink Subway

This fake subway car was a great place to stop and take a couple of photos as Logan ate our popsicles. Some of the rooms were really detailed and others were just weird. The subway was a cool way to incorporate New York City into the museum. The doors closed like a subway, and the windows looked as if you were whooshing by.

Banana room Museum of Ice Cream

The “Banana” Room

Sometimes art can be very expressive, like in the “banana” room. I’m sure the artist had no intention of making this exhibit adult-friendly but that’s exactly what they did. Because those “bananas” looked like a bunch of… you know.

The Pink Cloud
The Pink Room

The Pinkest Rooms at the Museum of Ice Cream

What do you remember about the Museum of Ice Cream? “Everything was pink.” – Logan

Rainbow arch at Museum of Ice Cream

The Famous Rainbow at the Museum of Ice Cream in NYC

I first learned about the Museum of Ice Cream when I saw the rainbow on Instagram. When I found out there’d be ice cream there too I was all in.

Museum of Ice Cream Slide
Sprinkle Pool

The Sprinkle Pool

At the end of the museum, you take an epic 3 story slide back down to the main floor where you are greeted with cotton candy. The last and final room is the sprinkle pool. Fun for kids and grown-ups, this massive sprinkle pool has a slide, and a “diving board” to jump off of.


Overall the Museum of Ice Cream was fun, delicious, and interactive. Logan and I would visit again in another city to see the different exhibits and try all the treats. Due to time constraints, our appointment was scheduled for 9:30 a.m. – a little early for unlimited ice cream and treats so I would recommend getting a later appointment if possible.

The Museum of Ice Cream NYC 2023The Museum of Ice Cream NYC 2023The Museum of Ice Cream NYC 2023The Museum of Ice Cream NYC 2023The Museum of Ice Cream NYC 2023The Museum of Ice Cream NYC 2023The Museum of Ice Cream NYC 2023
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