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Adventure travel blog featuring weekend getaways, National Parks, sustainability, and mental health

About Me


Welcome! My name is Chelsea, and I live in the U.S. state of Michigan with my fiancé Logan and our two dogs, Mia and Chala. I created Her Life Adventures in 2017 as a way to capture all my travel adventures. Like a digital scrapbook of sorts that grew over the years into a website for travel tips.

My Professional History

I graduated from Oakland University in Rochester Michigan with honors and now hold a Bachelor’s in Science degree with a concentration on Occupational Health & Safety. After graduation, I started my career working in a full-time management position at a Fortune 500 car company. Over the years I took on more responsibilities in my many different roles from supervisor to a global leader, and then people leader. Assignments took me all across the country to places I’d never been. One of them was in Japan, and my first time visiting another country.

How I became a Traveler

During my visit to Japan, an insatiable urge to explore the world began to grow. When I arrived home I dedicated all my free time to traveling, planning adventures, and meeting up with my girlfriends in different cities across the country for weekend getaways. I quickly realized my favorite adventures are outside exploring national parks and hiking.

After 7 years of service, I parted ways with my corporate role and transitioned into a new career in the travel industry. I became a certified Independent Travel Agent to help others book and organize their trips so they can explore anywhere!

I am a Climate Activist

Over the years as I’ve traveled around the world, I began to see the effects of climate change and how communities across the globe are affected by it. It’s heartbreaking to see others struggle. In one village the drought is so severe I could see the lack of moisture on the villager’s cracked skin and dry red eyes. Dust whirled around in the air and small pebbles nipped at my face and arms. I won’t ever forget about that small, dried-up community. My trip to Bolivia sparked a desire to become more active in the fight against climate change. I use Her Life Adventures to create awareness of the dangers that are coming. My beloved national park’s ecosystems and the animals that call them home are dying, and species are going extinct at an alarming rate.

Today, the world is running out of time as the severity of climate change remains unaddressed by our world leaders. Their lack of action has put the communities they have sworn to protect in grave danger. I began researching how I can help and do my part to help save the planet that has so much more for me/us to explore. You’ll also find sustainability tips throughout my posts and how using zero-waste practices soon became routine, showing my readers how easy it can be.

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