The Ultimate Weekend Packing Guide

Have you ever gone on a trip and had no idea what to pack? This is where a good Travel Blog comes in! That used to happen to me all the time. This is why I decided to make this ultimate weekend packing guide. You need to know what to pack for your adventures. You do not want to make the same mistakes I did and forget to pack something important!

The Ultimate Weekend Packing Guide

AWAY Carry On

I adore everything about my Away carry-on, from its amazing storage compartments to the ejectable TSA-approved (safe to fly) battery. The Away carry-on is a great bag, be sure to add it to what you need for your ultimate weekend getaway packing list.

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Best carry on for women

Meet the perfect carry-on for the ultimate weekend! The Away carry-on is unbreakable and designed for travelers. The bags come with a lifetime guarantee. This may just be your bag ever purchased! You will save yourself money over the years and cause less waste. My away carry-on bag is my go-to for all my weekend adventures.

AWAY Weekend Bag

The best addition for any carry-on? The Away everywhere bag with a laptop pouch. Its thoughtful design impressed me with features that keep what you need at hand. The bag attaches efficiently to the Away suitcase, making airport travels effortless. I ordered mine originally to use as a “travel laptop under my seat bag”. I used it on one trip and it instantly became my everywhere bag.

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how to stay organized when Packing

The ultimate weekend packing guide includes packing cubes. They are a great way to stay organized on your weekend getaway.

Packing Cubes

Perhaps the most genius travel invention ever. These packing cubes will change the way you travel forever. The cubes keep your clothes separated, to keep your bag organized. These are a must for your ultimate weekend packing guide.


Toiletries Bottles

My favorite part about the travel bottles is that they eliminate the need for single-use travel toiletries. Give the gift of green, and help travelers contribute to sustainable travel practices.

Adventurer bag

The adventurer is made with sustainable cork fabric
lined with waterproof, waxed canvas cork and made in Portland, Oregon by Made Trade. Use this adorable bag to hold your toiletries.

The adventurer toiletries bag for your weekend getaway.

 Shop beautiful, sustainable, ethically made bedding.

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Bioglitter to sparkle up your weekend getaway
BIO Glitter

 Bio glitter was invented in the UK and it is made of Eucalyptus cellulose. It is also known as Eco glitter.

Shampoo Bars

Naked soap and shampoo bars will keep thousands of plastic wash bottles out of our oceans. Bar soap is TSA friendly and you can forget about leaks like single-use bottles. I use naked soap bars from Lush for all my shower needs, “Honey I Washed My Hair” is my favorite shampoo. Pack them in a soapbox and keep your bag dry!

Soap Box


Hemp Loofah

Snag hemp, a natural pouf or hemp soap bag to give your skin a healthy glow. I prefer the hemp poufs to the plastic ones. They cause a lot less waste and feel great on my skin!

Don’t forget to get a Moon River soap to go with your hemp pouf. They offer anti-inflammatory options that can replenish dry and sensitive skin and options to help balance troubled acne, eczema, and psoriasis. 

Bites Toothpaste

Bites will change the way you think about toothpaste; you’ll never go back after you try them. Your first order will come with a full jar of the bites. After your bites are gone keep the jar. A refill for more will arrive in a biodegradable package. The best part? They travel well, without the worry of an exploding toothpaste tube. Be sure to add these to your ultimate weekend packing guide. Don’t forget your bamboo toothbrush to cut down on even more plastic waste!

Zero Waste Bathroom Toiletries

Millions of tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year. Live sustainably with zero waste bathroom products and help solve the plastic crisis. These ten zero waste bathroom products will help you live a more sustainable lifestyle- without breaking the bank.

Keep reading

Menstrual Cup

On average, women use between 11 and 30 tampons per cycle. Over a lifetime, that adds up to between 5,000 and 14,000 tampons per woman. The environmental impact of this is vast. It’s estimated that a woman averaging 20 tampons or pads per cycle burns through 250 to 300 pounds of products, applicators, and wrappers in a lifetime. I stopped using tampons about 3 years ago now. I made the switch to the DivaCup and never looked back. The DivaCup is zero waste, reusable, cost-effective, and can be worn for up to 12 hours! 

Travel Tote

There are 7.7 billion people on Earth. If we join together as a global community and each makes small lifestyle changes towards being more eco-friendly and kindness-focused – we can make a real and lasting difference. Reduce your plastic use AND carry your everyday essentials with this cute tote.


Never spend money on plastic water bottles again. In Michigan, Nestlé Waters has been pumping vast amounts of groundwater out of Michigan’s springs to feed the growing consumer demand for freshwater in convenient plastic bottles. That’s right, your Ice Mountain gets pumped for practically NOTHING out of Michigan’s rivers and lakes. It doesn’t come from a mountain… we have no mountains in Michigan.

Nestle Wins – Request was Approved Despite Overwhelming Not-in Favor Votes

Nestlé is stealing water from the Great Lakes

In 2018 Nestlé requested the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to increase pump amounts to 576,000 gallons of water EACH DAY. Draining freshwater fields from the White Pine Springs well in the Great Lakes Basin. The Michigan public communities opposed the increase, with 80,945 against and only 75 in favor. The request was approved by the agency anyways.

Airplane Mode Gear to Pack for Ultimate Weekend Getaway

There’s something about airplanes that just lulls me right to sleep. My body immediately goes into airplane mode. Sleep masks, earplugs, and comfortable clothing help me stay cozy & rested. Great for the time change from overseas or long summer nights in Iceland where it doesn’t get dark at night. Check out my 8 Day itinerary to Iceland HERE!

Eco Friendly sustainable shoes by made trade

Travel Jacket with Pockets

How cute is this twill-canvas jacket? It has THREE front-patch pockets, which as we ladies know, is a rarity. The front button-front closure makes this jacket perfect for layering over a basic t-shirt or cozy sweater.

Recycled Joggers

I don’t know about you, but I can’t fly in a pair of jeans for 4+ hours. It’s just not comfortable. Joggers, yoga pants, whatever you want to call them – SO MUCH MORE COMFY. These are made out of recycled materials and totes adorbs.

If you want to know what to pack for electronics, this packing guide will help

Electronics Organizer

Keep your electronics organized with this storage bag. It has enough space to hold your cables, USB drive, chargers, tablet + other electronic accessories.

DSLR Camera

I have been shooting with my DSLR for years now. Logan recently purchased this Fuji Film X-T20 mirrorless camera. I fell in love after our first trip using it. This is the perfect weekend camera for optimal space and maximum quality photos.

Spare SD Card

Be sure to ALWAYS pack a spare SD card and extra camera batteries to capture your whole adventure. You will be very sad and disappointed if you go to capture that perfect shot and your camera won’t turn on. Trust me – I’ve been there several times and I can tell you that it’s the worst.

DJI Mavic Air Drone

The ultraportable Mavic Air drone will open doors to a whole new world. Exploring the world from a limitless aerial view perspective has never been easier. The drone is installed with a 3-axis gimbal & 4k camera with up to 21 minute flight time, consistently providing crystal clear shots.

Favorite Apple Products to Pack

Apple Watch with GPS

The watch that does it all – and one of the best travel gadgets. For your health, it monitors your heart rate, high noise DB, and cycle tracks, and it motivates you to move, exercise, and stand. The watch syncs directly to your phone, which gives you easy access to your phone. Plus it plays your music and helps you not get lost with its GPS.

MacBook Pro

My favorite Mac I’ve owned. The drive speed is incredibly fast, and logging in takes almost no time. The Touch ID Bar is my favorite part – and makes blogging, editing, and running multiple apps easy and fluid. My MackBook Pro came with 250 GB of space available. I love that I don’t have to worry about large video or RAW files.


Ideal for plane entertainment like blogging, gaming, photo editing, and note-taking, plus it’s smaller than the MacBook Pro so if you don’t need your computer, this is a good substitute.

Cork Tablet Organizer

The inventor is a multi-tasking accessory that will keep you organized in style. The full-width front pocket and divided interior pocket will help you find the really important things exactly when you need them. Extra padding on the inside ensures your electronics will be protected. – Made Trade

Nintendo Switch

Play your way through flights with the Nintendo Switch gaming system. It’s perfect for on-the-go entertainment. At home, it’s great for playing solo or with friends. The switch is great for your weekend entertainment.

Nintendo Carry Case

Stream movies, watch videos or play games with the enhanced Wi-Fi. Enjoy downloaded content on the go with up to 12 hours of mixed-use battery life.

Travel Journal

This travel journal is the perfect companion for your next weekend trip. The inside pocket can hold your tickets, stubs, notes, photos, receipts, and other travel papers. I like to use a travel journal to write down notes or I will forget what I wanted to write. I’ll make notes about places and write down the names of trails, campgrounds, or other important names I want to remember

Pack a travel journal for your weekend getaway.

30 Day Travel Challenge Audio Book

Wish you could travel more? Listen to this audiobook that you can use to inspire your own travel challenge! Important steps to start a travel fund, the importance of travel conferences + communities, and travel hacks for FREE FLIGHTS around the world.

The Travel Book

Take a journey throughout the world to see beautiful pictures of over 230 countries. Your travel inspiration will be through the roof, and you’ll be adding more places to your bucket list.

Global Career

Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever is a step-by-step guide to having a career of traveling the world. Build a successful career doing the thing you lost most – traveling. Get empowered to buy a one-way ticket to your dream destination, and your global career.

Adult Travel Coloring Book

This travel coloring book has 47 different cityscapes and scenes from across the world. Most importantly, the illustrations are from pictures that were taken on the author’s travels.

Crossword Puzzle Book

Is this the best packing list or what?! I hope you found a piece of travel gear in my post to add to your own ultimate weekend packing guide!

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  1. The reusable toiletry bottles are a great tip, it’s easy to forget you’re contributing to waste when it’s what you’re used to, but now I’ll make an effort to use those!

  2. Great packing list item. I love that you included a travel journal. I know that you can write things down on your phone these days, but something to be said for a good ol’ pen and paper first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee jotting down experiences and adventures.

  3. I really need to try the bite toothpaste. I’ve never had an exploding toothpaste tube, but this is definitely a green solution as the plastic tube in not recyclable. I also want that Away bag! I have the suitcase and love it and want to add more to my collection.

    1. The bite toothpaste is amazing. I give out tablets to my friends/family when we travel and they all love them! A few of them started buying them too. The eco friendly/zero waste is what drew me to them. The Away Everything bag is just… so beautiful. Easily my favorite bag i’ve owned.

  4. Thanks for the tips. Honestly, this is one great list! I am a huge fan of packing cubes and need to replace mine as soon as we return to the states. And that Osprey Weekend Travel Backpack is quite smart! Definitely going to look into the toiletry bag and fill it with many of the items you’ve recommended below. Pinned it for when I get home!.

  5. The ultimate packing guide is indeed successful, we appreciate that! I think that I will follow some of your directions.

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