10 Achievable Bipolar Wins Worth Celebrating

Learn how the small wins along your bipolar journey are worth acknowledging and celebrating. Learn how to live, and not just exist.

My journey with bipolar started in November 2018 during my first therapy session i’ve ever attended. Along the way I’ve learned about my bipolar disorder, and other health conditions that I have such as panic disorder. More importantly,  how celebrating the small wins along the way is worth acknowledging. I learned how to manage and cope with my bipolar episodes of depression and mania. More importantly, how to live – not just exist with them. Needless to say – it has been quite the ride and there have been some crashes along the way. Just ask Logan, it’s never a dull moment. Which I’m sure some of my fellow mental health warriors can relate to. Despite how difficult living with a disability and all that it comes with it is not everything has been terrible. Even though my brain tries to trick me into thinking so.

My therapist taught me to celebrate my “wins” each day, no matter how small or how big they are. In the beginning of my mental health journey, some days I would celebrate small victories like showering or cleaning my apartment. Now almost two years later (WOW time has flown). I wanted to share some of my recent wins I am celebrating this month.

Learn how the small wins along your bipolar journey are worth acknowledging and celebrating. Learn how to live, and not just exist. #bipolar #success #disorder #disability

10 Bipolar Wins I’m Celebrating

  • Not giving up on building my travel business, even though I have wanted to many times throughout this pandemic
  • Showering and taking care of myself on a more regular basis
  • Thriving and not just surviving while decreasing the frequency of my therapy sessions; going from weekly to monthly
  • Push through depression and go outside to work in my garden instead of sleeping for 3 days
  • Taking my medications at about the same time each day
  • Accepting myself for who I am, and continuing to grow the love I have for myself despite my disabilities
  • Keeping up with my doctors appointments even when I don’t feel like I need to go
  • Overcoming my anxiety to start grocery shopping again
  • Receiving my first big break on my blog and receiving a sponsored trip offer
  • Paying my bills on time and keeping up with financing

What are some of your big wins for this past month? Comment below to share your victories!

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  1. Celebrating big wins each day is so important! I love this post. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing!

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