The Balance of Light & Dark

The Balance of Light & Dark

Life is a continuous balancing act between the light and dark that lives within us. The contrasts vary depending on the amount of light surrounding the individual. The amount of light can alter life between pure bliss and despair. For most people, maintaining the balance causes little disturbances in life, as easy as breathing.

Some days you lose the battle- and the darkness is all consuming. It pulls you deeper and deeper trying to drown you in its depths of despair to claim you for its own. The darkness will do everything in its power to take you from the people and the things that you love.

I know it’s hard, the battle you’re fighting. I know you’re exhausted from fighting off the darkness to maintain that balance. I know most people in your life will never understand your illness, and the internal battles you’re facing.

What you must try to remember, is that you are not alone in your struggle. The light and with it those feelings of joy & happiness will return. You remember the light, right? It comes back slowly, creating shadows in the darkness, letting you know it’s returned. The arrival of light signals that this battles end is near, bringing with it hope. Hold onto that small shadow of hope until the battle ends, and watch as the light shines brighter each day.

Before you know it, the battle is won and you return home. It’s time to Breathe. Inhale slowly. Hold the breath. Exhale slowly. I’m proud of you. We all knew you could do it.

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