20 Best Adventure Tours in Iceland

20 Best Adventure Tours in Iceland

If you’re looking for an adventure, Iceland is the perfect place to go. With so many different tours to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. Here are some of the best adventure tours in Iceland.

The 20 best adventure tours in Iceland will take you all around the exquisite land of fire and ice. Exploring Iceland's magical island can feel like you're on a different planet— lava tunnels, a black sand beach covered in ice diamonds, blue ice glaciers. From snowmobiling glaciers to diving between tectonic plates, there’s so much to see and do in Iceland that you will be captivated. These are the 20 best Iceland adventure tours to show you the country in all its natural glory.

These tours will take you all around the exquisite land of fire and ice. On our visit we explored Iceland’s magical island for 8 days celebrating my big 3-0. It’s like you’re on a different planet— lava tunnels, a black sand beach covered in ice diamonds, blue ice glaciers, waterfalls galore. From snowmobiling glaciers to diving between tectonic plates, there’s so much to see and do in Iceland that you will be captivated. These are the 20 best Iceland adventure tours to show you the country in all its natural glory.

20 Best Adventure Tours in Iceland

Lava Tunnel Tour

The Lava Tunnel ADVENTURE Tour in Iceland


One of the best tours in Iceland you can’t miss is The Lava Tunnel tour in Raufarhólshellir. This is a short 1-hour tour – great for travelers short on time and is totally worth the visit. Your guide will walk you down a path of lava from the Leitahraun eruption into the tunnel. When you enter – the colors of the lava rock formations change as you walk. RAINBOWS of blues, orange, rust, purple and more will take your breath away.

Lava Tunnel Tour- 3 hr

Golden Circle Tour with Snowmobiling in Iceland

Golden Circle, Glacier Snowmobiling Tour

FULL DAY (10 hR)


Golden Circle

meet in Reykjavik

Explore Thingvellir National Park by bus, with scenic photo stops along the way. The tour stops along the golden circle at main attractions like watching the geothermal activity of Geysir Geyser. Then you head to the Langjokull glacier for a snowmobile adventure! After a detailed safety lesson, put on your protective equipment, and off you go to ascend to the glacier’s summit!

This is one of the best adventure tours to experience all this beautiful area has to offer.


I grew up riding snowmobiles along the snowy trails of Michigan, across frozen lakes, and anywhere else we could find snow haha Snowmobiling is so much fun, you’ll love driving around the snowy glaciers.

Snowmobiles average around 500 lbs (227 kg), with an avg speed of 100-150 mph (160-241 kph) you can kill someone or yourself if you’re not careful.

Not to scare you, but to help you understand the potential dangers, here are some of my personal experiences with snowmobile accidents to help you learn from: I once crashed into a tree as my while trying to look over my shoulder and was sent flying off and over my sled. My mom fell through the ice with her machine. My dad’s caught fire when the engine got too hot burning through his snow gear. My dad’s 2 friends were killed in a snowmobile race.

It’s 110% necessary that you follow your guide to avoid dangerous terrain. Learn how to control and drive the machine before your ascent. If you are not comfortable driving the machine at any time, stop and let your guide know. Read more on snowmobile safety tips here.

Search for Northern Lights Super Jeep Tours in Reykjavik Iceland

Northern Lights Adventure Hunt




northern lights

hotel pickup

The Northern Lights are notoriously hard to find. Best time to see the northern lights (aurora borealis) in Iceland is in the winter months of November – February. You have a good chance to see the lights in October and March too though. To maximize your chances of seeing nature’s light show, you will want an experienced aurora hunter leading you.

Northern Light Tour (5 hr) With a Professional Photographer

ION Adventure Hotel

Take a break from your adventure tours in Iceland at the ION Adventure Hotel. Built with the optimal viewing of the northern lights in mind, this is a great place to stay for light chasers. You can watch the northern lights from your room, or the many viewing areas the hotel offers. I mean if you’re going to adventure, you might as well do it 24/7

Crystal Blue Ice Cave tour in Iceland

Crystal Blue Ice Cave Adventure Tour


Winter (OCT-MAR)

blue ice cave

meet at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

When is the best time to see the blue ice caves in Iceland? During the winter months of course! This adventure tour takes you to explore a rare natural phenomenon: the ethereal blue ice caves in Vatnajökull National Park. We saw some breathtaking scenery before we even reached the mouth of the cave.

Black Sand Green Mountains in Iceland
Best Adventure Tours in Iceland - Blue Lagoon and Reykjanes Unesco Geopark

Blue Lagoon and Reykjanes UNESCO Geopark



blue lagoon


hotel pickup

Spend a day exploring a UNESCO-listed geopark in Iceland’s scenic Reykjanes Peninsula. Discover the local hidden gems such as the famous Reykjanes Lighthouse, and the Bridge Between Continents. After exploring the lakes and hot springs of the region, you’ll soak in the famous glowing blue water at the Blue Lagoon.

Blue lagoon face masks

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Diamond Beach, Black Sand Beach, Waterfalls and more!

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Diamond Beach, Black Sand Beaches, Waterfalls Plus more



Glacier Lagoon

Diamond Beach (black sand)


hotel pickup

Glacier Experience from Solheimajokull Iceland adventure tour

Glacier Hiking Experience Adventure Tour

Sólheimajökul Glacier




Sólheimajökull Cafe

Put on your crampons and grab your ice pick, because you’re hiking a glacier! Don’t forget a good set of hiking boots and waterproof outerwear for this extreme adventure.

Scuba diving and snorkling the Silfra Fissure - These are the best adventure tours in Iceland for all seasons. Hand-picked selection of the most unique tours and day trips in Iceland.

Diving The Silfra Adventure Tour



Scuba Diving

Silfra car park

Dive into the crystal-clear cold water of the Silfra fissure! Silfra is a crack in the Earth made by the movement of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. The glacial water that fills the fissure has been filtered through underground lava rock for decades, giving divers over 100 meters of underwater visibility as they dive the big crack, Silfra hall, Silfra Cathedral, and the Silfra Lagoon.

Snorkeling The Silfra Fissure Tour

For non-certified divers- also includes hotel pickup.

Best Adventure Tours in Iceland land of Fire and Ice

South Coast: Fire & Ice

FULL DAY (11.5 hR)


Icelandic Lava Show



Solheimajokull Glacier

pickup in Reykjavik

Learn how Iceland became known as the land of fire and ice on this full-day tour around the south coast. You’ll visit Skógafoss waterfall, take a guided walk to Sólheimajökull glacier, the black sand beach and more. Plus there is a unique lava show with real molten lava where you’ll learn all about Iceland’s volcanoes, and how they have affected the local town of Vík.

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) tour into the Forgotten Fjord  - These are the best adventure tours in Iceland for all seasons. Hand-picked selection of the most unique tours and day trips in Iceland.

SUP Into The Forgotten Fjord



Stand Up Paddle Board

hotel pickup in Reykjavik

Escape to serenity on a stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) tour to the secret fjord of Hvalfjordur. Seldom seen by visitors to Iceland this is one adventure tour you won’t want to miss. If you’re lucky you could see whales and other local wildlife, such as eagles, and seals.


Game of Thrones Tour in Iceland


Half-day ( 5 hR)



hotel pickup

Game of Thrones fans will love this unique tour in Iceland. The tour takes you to three different film locations (see the schedule below). There are over 20 different film locations across the country so the tour company also offers a 10 hr customized route that geeks you out.

What to expect

This is a typical itinerary for this product

Pause At: Thingvellir National Park, Thingvellir Iceland

Bloody Gate in Game of Thrones.

Duration: 40 minutes

Stop At: Thorufoss, Laxa i Kjos River, Thingvellir Iceland

We visit the waterfall seen in the scene where the dragon torched a goat herder and her flock and snatched one goat to eat.

Duration: 20 minutes

Visit: Hengill, Hengill, South Region

This is where Bryanne of Tarth and the Hound fought over Aria.

Duration: 30 minutes

Volcano Hike with a Geologist - These are the best adventure tours in Iceland for all seasons. Hand-picked selection of the most unique tours and day trips in Iceland.

Volcano Hike Adventure Tour

Fagradalsfjall Active Volcano

Half-day (6 hr)


Volcano hike

pick up in Reykjavik

Hike up the newest edition of the volcanos in Iceland with a native geologist. geological features about the development of the eruption and the lava field. The eruption at Fagradalsfjall started on March 19, 2021. This unique adventure tour gives you the chance to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience with nature.

Silver Circle Day Tour

Canyon Baths, Waterfalls




silver circle

canyon baths

hotel pick up

Most people know about the Golden Circle, but what about the Silver Circle? This adventure tour in Iceland explores the western region of the country including the village of Reykholt, Hraunfossar, and Barnafoss waterfalls, then into the magical woodland area of Husafell.

Puffin Tour - These are the best adventure tours in Iceland for all seasons. Hand-picked selection of the most unique tours and day trips in Iceland.

Puffin Tour by RIB Speedboat

Downtown Reykjavik

1 hOUR




hotel pick up

This is another one of Iceland’s best tours – PUFFINS! Speed around Faxaflói Bay and the islands of Engey, Lundey, and Viðey, and get up close to colonies of adorable puffins. If you’re a bird watcher, you’ll appreciate multiple other migrating bird species so bring your telescope lens! Enjoy the incredible backdrop of Mount Esja and the city’s colorful skyline.

Golden Circle Day Trip with River Rafting Adventure Tour

Golden Circle Day Trip with River Rafting Adventure Tour

from Reykjavik

Full-Day (10 hr)


Golden Circle

river rafting

hotel pick up

River rafting in ICEland?! Yes! But don’t worry – you’ll be wearing a wet suit to keep you warm as you float your way down the crystal blue glacier river. But before that, you’ll be spending time exploring the world-famous Golden Circle.


Whale Watching Adventure Tours in Iceland






hotel pick up

The best time to see whales in Iceland is during the peak summer months of June, July, and August, sightings can happen from April – to late September though.


I hope you find the best adventure tour in Iceland for you!

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    20 Best Adventure Tours in Iceland20 Best Adventure Tours in Iceland20 Best Adventure Tours in Iceland20 Best Adventure Tours in Iceland20 Best Adventure Tours in Iceland
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    1. Squeeee – you found so many cool adventurous options! I like the sound of the tours that I’d be worried to do on my own…like the volcano tour of the glacier tour… but all of these look incredible! Iceland is so flipping beautiful!

    2. We spent 10 days in Iceland a few years ago, and it sounds like we need to go back because we didn’t do ANY tours! We had our itinerary booked full of hikes, hot springs and scenic drives, but there’s so much more to explore in this beautiful country. Thanks for this list for future reference; everything looks like such a blast!

    3. This guide is so good! I really want to visit Iceland – it’s been on my list forever. Saving this for later – for when I finally get to go!

    4. Iceland is a on my must do to travel and I can’t wait till I can go there! Looks like there are endless things to do, the South Coast Fire & Ice tour seems especially interesting, where you get to see a bit of everything.

    5. They totally all sound awesome! But, on my bucket list is the Volcano Hike Adventure Tour! I soooo want to do this! You did a wonderful job writing this article, and will save.

    6. Throughly enjoyed this post. So many amazing things to do the one I really want to do and to pick just one is the Volcano Hike one. I know my sister Muriel would love to do that as she has done one in Hawaii ..

    7. I want to do them all lol. For sure I would have to do one of the northern lights tours and the cave tour, but also hiking the glacier would be a ton of fun. …. sigh….too many options.

      1. hahah right?! Iceland has so much cool stuff to do it’s crazy. My dream is to see the northern lights, I still haven’t though 🙁 we visited in May so the midnight sun was out and no chance of northern light,

    8. Iceland seems like such an adventurous destination! I think the snowmobile adventure on a glacier would be really fun, and I’d also love to relax in the Blue Lagoon. And my husband would definitely want to do the whale watching tour! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    9. Iceland looks amazing! I’d love to see the northern lights and there are so many other great tour suggestions here. Thanks so much for sharing!

    10. Oh, wow! I had no idea there was so much to choose from. It would be hard to narrow down from all these options. I think the northern lights would be one of my favorites, but so many of them sound amazing! Thanks for gathering them all in one place.

    11. Iceland looks stunning! As a Game of Thrones fan, this tour would be first on my list, but I want to do them all.

    12. This is a REALLY helpful post. We have Iceland on our list (had to cancel one trip already 🙁) and we were looking for an overview like this. Thanks!

    13. Iceland is definitely on my bucket list. I didn’t realize there were so many unique things to do! The Volcano hike sounds like something I’d LOVE to experience. And thanks for the snowmobile advice. Never been on one (yet), but good to know!

      1. Snowmobiles can be dangerous for people who have never ridden one before, so I felt it should be mentioned. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and hope you make it to the volcano hike one day!

    14. Whoa, these tours look seriously amazing! I’m definitely all about that puffin tour; what a cool experience!

    15. Oh, what an incredible post! Iceland has so much to offer and it has always been high on my travel list! Would love to go on a every single adventure!

    16. Adventure element gives a special twist to this selection of tours. In the same time any trip to Iceland is kind of adventure. I love puffins and want to see more of them, so puffin tours are for me. Thanks for sharing!

    17. We had a great visit to Iceland and saw a lot. But when I went through your blog post, I can see we had lots more adventures to plan for a return visit. Snorkelling or scuba diving the Silfra Fissure was already on our radar. And of course returning when the northern lights were active. But who can pass up o a chance to see puffins?

    18. OMG I want to do all of these. We visited the blue lagoon and trekked inside a glacier, but the lava tunnels, ice caves and northern lights are still top of the bucket list. What adventures!

    19. What a fantastic and useful post. I have been reading more and more posts about Iceland recently which has resulted in it climbing higher and higher on my “to visit” list. I would love many of the the tours that you mention. The rainbow tunnel, geothermal lagoons, volcano hikes and Northern light tour all sound amazing. Thanks for sharing!

    20. Oh my, Iceland looks amazing. It’s still on my list and I always knew it was cool, but honestly had no idea about all these cool experiences! Where do I start? That’s the question 😁

    21. I LOVED this! I was able to hike a volcano, snorkel in the Silfra fissure, check out the black sand beaches, and relax at the Blue Lagoon while I was in Iceland. However, I did not have the opportunity to experience all of these. I would really love to go glacier snowmobiling next time.

      1. Wow! You were able to do a lot while you were there! We missed the Silfra fissure but were still able to do a lot of things – especially because we visited in May with the midnight sun ☀️

    22. I’ve been planning a trip to Iceland in my head forever! Reading this post makes me really determined to actually make it happen!

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