How to Look Chic When You’re on a Long-Haul Flight

When you think of long flights, you’re most likely thinking about the sheer boredom that comes with it, the less-than-glam way of traveling (unless you’re in first class), and you can’t forget about comfort either. You’re limited to mobility for the next 6+ hours, and chances are, the second you arrive at your destination, you’re going to have to bolt it to somewhere else, whether it’s the accommodation or your first activity. 

But for the average person, once they get off the plane, they want to look good; even before boarding, most people prefer to look good (and comfortable). It’s not quite to the point where pajamas are allowed on board, but until then, it’s best to appear put-together, just like it used to be during the golden age of flying. So, with that said, here’s how you can look chic during a long-haul flight!

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It’s All About Dressing for Comfort

While it’s okay to wear uncomfortable clothes during a short like, something that’s maybe two to three hours at maximum, ideally, any other length of time on a flight would be better suited for wearing something more comfortable. It’s honestly a common mistake first-time travelers make. But at the end of the day, what matters most is creating balance. You can wear comfortable clothes while still being chic at the same time. Even something like athletic shoes with some flared leggings could look amazing. Besides, you need to think about comfort from multiple aspects anyways. Flights are long, and sitting for ten hours straight can be fatiguing. To avoid stiff necks, tingling feet, and swollen ankles (plus all the associated jet lag), choose loose stretchy pants and warm, soft layers.

It is important to wear comfortable clothes when you are flying, especially if the flight is long. Tight clothing can restrict movement and cause discomfort. Opt for leggings and a hoodie that will provide plenty of space for movement or joggers and a lightweight sweater. If the weather is warm, a dress is a great option. It can easily be worn once you arrive at your destination and will help to keep you cool during the trip. Ideally, it’s all about balance; chances are, most of your clothes are comfortable, but when it comes to flights, you’re going to want to push for more comfort as you sit still for hours.

How to Look Chic When You’re on a Long-Haul Flight

Consider Doing Something with Your Hair

If you plan to do something immediately after arrival, then you could consider doing something to your hair in advance. While a lot of women will put their hair in ponytails and buns (which is comfy), you could consider during something to your hair before or during the flight. For example, you could use curling brush irons on your hair to give it a wavy look and then again at the airport when you arrive. Alternatively, you could consider something like that TikTok hack where you roll your hair into socks for heatless curls. In general, it’s up to you what you do, but doing something to your hair while you’re on a flight can really help out in looking chic.

Consider Accessories 

A few key accessories can instantly elevate your airport look. A bucket hat can give you that perfect travel Instagram pic, while tinted sunglasses and velcro sandals can add a cool-girl VSCO vibe to your outfit. And if you want to dress up for your flight, a leather jacket is a chic layer that can go from plane to night out after landing. The key to looking chic when you’re flying is all about planning ahead and being prepared. By wearing comfortable yet stylish clothes and packing smart accessories in your carry-on bag, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when you arrive at your destination. Whether you’re going for a short weekend getaway or an international trip, these styling tips will help you feel like a boujee flyer as soon as you get on the plane. So while you can do this with short flights, you should still consider it for longer flights. You’ll basically be ready to head out the second you get off your flight. 

Consider Something That Makes You Look Insta-Ready

Not just Instagram-ready, but generally speaking, you’re also going to need to be ready in an instant. Most travelers will book their transportation and activities the second they get off the flight. Plus, depending on your accommodation, there’s always the chance that you can’t get in (due to check-in time). So it’s not like you can just relax either, and changing in hotel or airport bathrooms can be a challenge. The same even goes for doing your hair or even applying makeup – which is why I LOVED my lash extensions on our trip to Zion National Park. I didn’t have to do my makeup at all!

So ideally, it’s about wearing a chic and well-put-together outfit that makes you instantly look ready for your next activity. For the most part, leggings and sweatpants don’t entirely offer this, especially if you’re going to be in parts of Europe or Asia where it’s more look down on. So, generally speaking, it’s better to wear an outfit and have your hair and face done in such a way that you look like you’re instantly ready.

Consider Where You’ll Be Sitting On Your Flight

This is more about the class you’ll be sitting in than anything else. If you’re going to be sitting in first class, then you’re definitely going to want to dress up a little nicer (so you won’t stick out). You could say the same for business class too. In cases like this, where you’re in a higher class, there is a slightly higher expectation for you to dress and look nicer. But of course, you’ll still be able to combine this with comfort. Take transatlantic flights, for example; for first-class passengers, they usually provide pajamas. So you could still wear something very nice and rest knowing you’ll get to wear something very comfortable. 

At the end of the day, it can be a challenge to look great and feel great while you travel. It’s honestly a major challenge trying to make all of this happen. But you can do it! Sure, there are challenges here and there, but you count on it being completely possible to look chic and stylish and come out of the plane looking and feeling refreshed!

How to Look Chic When You\'re on a Long-Haul Flight
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