Wholesome Culture Eco-Friendly Clothing

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Wholesome Culture is an eco-friendly clothing company committed to treating animals and the planet with kindness and respect. As a traveler, I’ve seen firsthand how climate change and pollution have affected the animals, our beaches, and all ecosystems on our planet are great ways to help make a difference.

Wholesome Culture is more than a clothing brand. It’s a movement to make the world a better place for everyone. To help clean our seas and go plastic-free one piece of clothing at a time.

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Here’s why you will LOVE Wholesome Culture clothing!

Wholesome Culture eco-friendly ethical clothing for women and men.
Image Provided By: Wholesome Culture

Wholesome Culture Ethics:

I love the Wholesome Culture travel clothing! Not only are their clothes adorable but they’re promoting eco-friendly concepts to everyone that purchases them and sees you wearing them! Plus the clothing is made in Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified factories. WRAP is a non-profit dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education. 

A Brand You Can Feel Good About

”Our mission is to inspire a mindful and sustainable lifestyle. We believe every choice made in consideration of animals, the environment, and our fellow humans makes a positive impact. You can feel great wearing our clothes knowing these values guide everything we do. Small actions can have a huge impact if we work together. Thank you for joining our movement for change.”

– Wholesome Culture

Shop By Vibe

Wholesome Culture donates 10% of your order to support animal and environmental groups so you can choose which issue is important to you.


Gentle and eco-friendly on the planet this Wholesome Culture collection is all handmade. The clothing is made by local artisans in Bali using products made with plant-based dyes and organic fabrics like cotton & bamboo.

We have but one planet, and it’s in trouble. 

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Eco-friendly hats, loungewear, jumpsuits, backpacks, underwear, eco leggings, masks, clutches, and clothes made from recycled plastic.

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One of my favorite Wholesome Culture vibes! Travel clothing line with flowers, plants, bees, mountains, and more super cute earth-friendly illustrations to show your support in protecting our planet. They even have a coffee mug made out of bamboo, how cool is that?

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“There’s so much junk at sea, the debris has formed giant garbage patches. There are five of them around the world, and the largest — the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — includes an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of trash and covers an area twice the size of Texas.”


This eco-friendly clothing collection is all about saving our seas. You’ll find turtle tees, sealife, surfing, waves, and even bamboo straws.

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The famous BEE KIND line, and my 2nd favorite! Grow a garden, plant more trees, protect our bee’s tees.

Destroying our oceans and harming the animals who call them home. The food, beauty, and fashion industries contribute to the cruelty, suffering, and needless deaths of billions of animals… each year.

“100% of baby sea turtles have plastic in their stomachs. 1 in 3 fish caught for human consumption contains plastic. More than 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from plastic pollution every year.”

Condor Ferries, Shocking Ocean Plastic Statistics: The Threat to Marine life, The Ocean & Humanity; Statistics for 2020-2021
Wholesome Culture eco-friendly ethical clothing for women and men.

Wholesome Cuture Mystery Boxes

Can’t decide which eco-friendly Wholesome Culture design you want? Then a mystery box is a perfect option for you. Just pick what clothing combo you want and leave the decision-making up to them! Plus how fun is it to get a box of assorted handpicked surprise tops just for you?

Based on supply, right now you can get up to 60% OFF when you try a Mystery Box – (Hint hint, don’t wait!)

Wholesome Culture eco-friendly ethical clothing for women and men.
Wholesome Culture eco-friendly ethical clothing for women and men.

Why Being Vegan or Vegetarian Makes a Difference

Wholesome Culture eco-friendly ethical clothing for women and men.

Animal agriculture is rapidly destroying habitats across the globe and is the leading cause of greenhouse gases. Logan and I made the transition to a vegetarian diet a few years ago when we learned of the devastating effects eating meat have on our planet. North America’s factory farming is the main contributor and treats the animals with cruelty and unnecessary abuse.

Combined we’ve lost upwards of 90 lbs (40.8 kg) since the diet switch. If we didn’t eat eggs and cheese, our diet would be considered vegan. More people than ever suffer from health problems, and the numbers are rising. Freshwater is becoming polluted, poisoned, or disappearing.

MORE eco-friendly POSTS

Wholesome Culture eco-friendly ethical clothing for women and men.

Did you know?

The fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions and is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply..

World Economic Forum, “These facts show how unsustainable the fashion industry is”
Wholesome Culture eco-friendly ethical clothing for women and men.

Tough pill to swallow huh?

As a consumer, we have the choice of who and where we get our products & services from. Wholesome Culture makes it a priority that anyone who works for them is safe and ethically treated. That includes where they manufacture and produce their clothing. So cozy up in one of these ethically USA-made blankets and read “A Simple Guide to Sustainable Self-Care” to continue your journey of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Make a Difference

Along with my travels, I started to pay attention to how big my carbon footprint was away from home. Shopping and the bags that came with it were unacceptable. Bringing a reusable shopping bag doesn’t take up space when traveling. You can use it at the airports for your snacks in-between flights. Or there are always the local markets, with food, treats, and other handmade products. It never hurts to bring one, you’ll never know when you need it.

Recommended Read: 20 Hard Facts and Statistics About Fast Fashion by Jennifer Darmo; good on you

A percentage of each purchase will be given back to non-profit, charitable organizations that share the same values.

BEE Kind Everyone

BEE sure to PIN IT!

Wholesome Culture Eco-Friendly Clothing
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  1. I love these products! This is my first time hearing of them but will definately check it out again!

  2. Not a vegetarian but do agree changes need to take place to save the planet. We have decreased the amount of animal products we eat and only locally raise grass fed animals to minimise our impact on the planet. We are also taking a hard look at the good we purchase to reduce plastic as much as possible.

    A really great read and love the clothing!

    1. Great job!! Those are huge steps to help clean up our planet! Every little bit counts. We reuse everything we can, because sometimes plastic is unavoidable 🙁 I’ve signed tons of petitions to urge companies to eliminate plastic like water bottles/plastic cutlery. I rewash/reuse the cutlery/ plastic bags/containers for food storage (i’ve even used some canisters as plant pots hahaha) Keep up the good work!

  3. I am vegetarian by birth and believe in it too, so I am love with this post. I love eco friendly clothes and therefore this product now after reading your candid reviews on it. Not only they are eco-friendly but they look comfy, stylish and very modern too.

  4. There are some really cute things here – thinking about buying some for Christmas presents!

  5. Interesting to read this. I keep getting posts about this company on my Facebook feed. Love the style but never know how genuine a FB post is these days so now I know! Will give them a try now 🙂

  6. I love my Prana pants for traveling … they’re a little bit stretchy and so so comfortable. I like that I can dress them up or down, and it means I can travel light.

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