5 Reliable Accommodation Options For Solo Travelers 

Traveling solo is an opportunity to experience new places while learning more about yourself. Many people find solo travel a liberating experience.

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5 Reliable Accommodation Options For Solo Travelers 

Traveling solo is a great opportunity to experience new places while learning more about yourself. Many people find solo travel a liberating experience in that you can do whatever you please on your trip without interference. However, traveling alone means you have to bear all travel costs without any support – particularly your accommodation needs. Indeed, finding a great place to stay is one of the most significant travel expenses, and choosing a safe, practical, yet budget-friendly option is essential. With that said, here are some smart accommodation options for solo travellers to help your budget stretch. 

Traveling solo is an opportunity to experience new places while learning more about yourself. Many people find solo travel a liberating experience.
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Hostels are budget-friendly accommodation options worth considering. These facilities offer shared dormitories and bathrooms; you only have to pay for a bed. Moreover, some hostels have a kitchen, so guests don’t eat out often. You can also connect with other travelers, sharing your travel experiences and memories. However, you must be security conscious and keep your items safe to prevent theft. As a tip, take your valuables whenever you leave the hostel. You can also secure your traveling bag with quality padlocks to prevent strangers from ransacking your belongings. 

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Airbnb has become popular among travelers for good reasons. First, it offers various lodging options, depending on your preferences. You can choose a single room, an apartment, a boathouse, a caravan, and so on. Likewise, it is budget-friendly; the room fees and the price of amenities like food and laundry are also lower than in traditional hotels. Another advantage worth considering is the flexibility that Airbnb offers.

For example, you can get lodging with a kitchen, allowing you to prepare your meals instead of dining outside always. To get an Airbnb for your next solo travel, always look for listings with positive ratings and higher reviews, preferably 4.5 stars or more. This way, you can rest assured that you’re getting value for your money while prioritizing safety. Booking a room earlier allows you to peruse various options while getting the best deals, so feel free to consider this. While at it, share little personal information with your host, and forward your Airbnb address to friends and family to further enhance your safety. 



If you’re outdoorsy or enjoy adventures, you can resort to camping as a lodging option on your next trip. Several camping sites are low-cost or free, allowing you to save more. Moreover, it’s a great way to spend more time in nature, reduce stress, and refresh your mind and body. You can also reap other benefits such as a vitamin D boost, improved cognitive function, and so on.

As a tip, familiarize yourself with your campsite to ensure comfort and security. You can achieve this by researching popular sites in your destination area and reserving the most suitable option. Next, set camp in a fairly populated area, as you may quickly acquaint yourself with other campers. By all means, never let people know you’re camping alone, regardless of how friendly they might be. Also, keep your eye out for weird behaviors and disconnect from such people when you feel uncomfortable. It doesn’t hurt to carry a bear mace, airhorn, or headlamp, so keep this in mind. 

More Accommodation Options for Solo Travelers


Motels are similar to hotels and can be great lodging options for travelers. This lodging option offers amenities such as a refrigerator, microwave, WIFI, and TV to make your stay more comfortable. And you can enjoy these at a relatively cheaper price than hotels. Likewise, some motels are operated by families, who add a homey ambiance to the rooms.

Additionally, most motels offer personalized services and free parking to make their guests’ stay more comfortable. It’s important to consider general appearance and hygiene before settling on a motel. Fortunately, you can get a small motel with sanitation practices that match a traditional hotel, so feel free to consider this. Online reviews and testimonials can also help you select the most suitable motel, so leverage them. 

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Bed & breakfasts 

Bed & breakfasts are also great options you can consider when traveling solo. For starters, they create a schedule of various daily activities for their guests. Therefore, you can rest assured that you wouldn’t feel bored. Moreover, you will wake up to tasty breakfast meals each morning for the whole period you spend there, eliminating the costs of getting breakfast at a different restaurant. When choosing a bed & breakfast, consider your budget. This can help you narrow your search and find a suitable option easily. Consequently, read online reviews of various brands for a more informed decision. 

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